Usain Bolt Is Possibly Engaged To His Long Term Girlfriend…

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Shortly after the Rio Olympics, photos of Usain Bolt seemingly celebrating his success with a Brazilian student emerged, and not long afterwards, she sold her story.

Claiming that she and Usain had had sex, that Usain wasn’t the quick finisher that you might think, and that “hehas the body of a champion, although his male parts do not match, he is just like a regular guy”, JadyDuarte no doubt made a bit of cash from her night of passion with the Jamaican sprinter.

She also attracted a fair bit of criticism from people defending Usain’s girlfriend (Kasi Bennett). While the carnival dancer didn’t publicly speak out about these cheating allegations, she favourited, liked and retweeted various social media posts, all criticising Usain for apparently cheating on her with Jady.

Well, if Usain’s Snapchat story is anything to go by, Kasi has let bygones by bygones, and forgiven her sprinter boyfriend.

The couple are currently enjoying what seems to bea fairly luxurious break, and by the looks of it, they’ve got engaged:

It’s another twist in the tale, and one that we did not see coming, but it seems like the couple are back on track:

What went on between Kasi and Usain behind closed doors, we’ll never know, but we wish the both of them all the best for the future.

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Image Credits / HT: Daily Mail, Getty, Kasi Bennett

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