13-Year-Old Boy With Fake Rifle Killed By Sheriff’s Deputies In California

Two deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office fatally shot 13-year-old Andy Lopez in California after mistaking his fake AK-47 for a real weapon. The boy was also carrying a fake handgun. Facebook: profile.php

On Tuesday afternoon, two Sonoma County deputies spotted the boy carrying what they thought was a semiautomatic weapon, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office. They pulled over and yelled at the teen to put his weapon down, according to reports.

A statement from the Sheriff’s office described what happened next:

“One of the deputies described that as the subject was turning toward him the barrel of the assault rifle was rising up and turning in his direction. The deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his partner, and the safety of the community members in the area.”

According to California authorities, the deputies fired multiple rounds and hit Lopez several times. They then handcuffed the unresponsive boy and called for an ambulance after administering first aid.

They found the fake rifle on the ground, as well as a plastic hand gun tucked in the boy’s waistband.

Lopez was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police described the gun as a replica of an AK-47 rifle, while Cruz’s family is referring to it as “toy.”


“He was a very popular student,” said Linsey Gannon, the assistant principal at Lawrence Cook Middle School. “He was a handsome young man with many friends and a lovely family. He will be missed.”

Facebook: profile.php

The last thing the teen’s father, Rodrigo Cruz, told his son before he left for work was, “Behave yourself.” The boy’s mother, Sujey Annel Cruz Cazarez, said, “Why did they kill him? Why?”

Sujey Cruz, 37, looks at a photograph of her dead son as she and the boy’s father, Rodrigo Lopez, 37, sit outside Santa Rosa City Hall to silently protest the eighth-grader’s fatal shooting on Oct. 23. Staff / Reuters

“He was a 13-year-old little boy, you could just tell him to put it down,” said family friend Gabriel Roque.

A memorial for 13-year-old Andy Lopez.

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